Naptster CEO Calls iPod Users Stupid


Okay, so Napsters CEO doesn’t “directly” call iPod users stupid, but in an interview Chris Gorog talks about Napster’s newest marketing ploy which will “be communicating to people that it’s stupid to buy an iPod.” Stupid? Napster will be selling music on a subscription based model using technology that will allow you to transfer your music from a PC to a portable device. Seeing as iTunes has the market in digital music sells, Gorog believes the best way to overtake the market is by mud slinging.

Now…I’m all for some friendly competition. No one will ever have a true monopoly in this area of commerce and the competition helps bring about newer, better technology. But stupid? How is it a good marketing strategy to tell people their $250+ purchase of the most popular digital media player on the market today is “stupid”? He can’t honestly expect people to drop their iPod for some 3rd rate subscription service of a company that’s been around the block multiple times now.

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I think you need to stay in school a bit longer and learn the difference between you’re/your, whose/who’s and loose/lose. Seriously, is english your first language or what? I hope that graphic arts job doesn’t require you to type anything…ever.

iPod users aren’t stupid, just brainwashed and ignorant like the rest of us.
except e.ace who obviously is just plain uneducated


Apple bashes Microsoft all the time. And Apple stinks. Besides can you even get music off the IPod and back to your computer? Everyone I know that has wiped their computers never seem to get it back to itunes. Never owned a IPod, I love my Pioneer Inno with live XM.
But usuall apple users of any kind tend to be ignorant. Apple is not that good and supports very little software. Its like a dictatorship and I guess some like it like that. IPods are garbage and Apple will nickel and dime you for something as simple as changing a battery.


So basicly you want all music for free,couldn’t spend a whole .99 cents.
So,your a theif! By Profession.Nice.So you really can’aford a Mac,or did you steal one! Hummmm…. Mac struggling for the past 20 years? Where have you been.
If Mac is struggling then Wal-mart must be loosing money!
So IPODS Are Stupid,So that makes everybody with IPODS stupid right,and
your the genius.Well look around and see all those IPODS, Guess Whose Stupid.
Rob Buy The music copy it for youself Friends go for It.
But to put it on a web site and given to all for free is not right.If I paid
good money for my music just to find out everbody got it free would piss me off not to mention the musicians.
As far as Mac’are concerned I’m in the graphic arts, and well Mac is the
IPODS overpriced,might be right but you know how it goes about supply and demand!The American Way. CAPITALIST all the way.
I don.t know what to say about napsters C.E.O.’s comments except where is napster and where is IPOD&MAC in the world of buisness?


niggaz be stupid if they be buying ipods o napztah.

i say be down wit’ the cassette playa playa

strictly fo’ my niggaz though fo’ sho’


yea…ipods too expenive still..and yea…i dont want to hook up to their music site either…i want click n drag to a cheap deck and slap it in my pocket in work all day..and the buttons to stay functional. and um..i wonder why..mac has struggled for 20yrs..mmm..
Ipods are stupid and over priced..yep…black ghost is correct

Black Ghost



Napster needs to do its own math. $10,000 to fill an iPod? Sure, if you buy a big one and buy all the music on it from the iTunes Music Store. Who does that, though?


Personally I think that he and his investors are stupid for counting on the Napster name in the first place. Their service completely goes against what the original Napster was about and is probably hurt more by that than the name recognition is worth. Also subscription based services have been around longer than the flat rate per song stores and so far they haven’t been nearly as successful as the iTunes Music Store.

Add to this that there are very few portable audio player that even come close to the iPod in terms of easy of use and software integration. iTunes is one of the strongest pieces of the iPod success story. Most portable music players have buggy and clunky or just lack-luster software for creating playlists and transferring audio. They try to pack the features into the devices but they forget that ease of use and audio playback are the two main factors that the average user is looking for. The people who want video playback and other such stuff are most likely a very small minority of uber-geeks. For everyone else features like that are things that you ooohhh and aaahhh over for the first two hours you own the device and then probably never use again.

The iPod has become so popular for the same reason that the Mac has been so popular among its supporters for so long: it just works and it works better. All the other companies in the market are trying to one-up it without really figuring out why it is so popular. They try to discount it as a fad or a status symbol and think that by cramming in as many features as possible and beating Apple’s prices they will be able to compete. They don’t get that Apple doesn’t just make products that people like, they make ones that inspire lust and love in nearly everyone who seriously gives their products a try.

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