MP3tunes Lawsuit Countdown?


The former founder and CEO of Michael Robertson’s new online music store MP3tunes has launched. The new site features 192kbps DRM-less mp3 files that will work cross-platform and on nearly every portable music player made for 88¢ per song. Currently the site has no support from any major labels.

So what does this have to do with Apple you ask? Well take a look at this picture:

And then look at this one:

Could they be similar enough for Apple to file a suit against MP3tunes? I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple takes offense to this low-quality knock-off of their iTunes Music Store interface.



To bad they use cd baby, which means you have to send a cd to them to get your music on the site.

Josh Pigford

It really was horrible when went down. It’s even worse that the guy who started sold it so he could make crap like this.


What a terrible thing it was when they took the original down. I used to love going there to find some underground artist. they litterally had hundreds of thousands, if not more, tracks for free. all deleted.
I cant imagine apple not doing anything against something so blatent.


He was the founder and CEO of the original long before CNET took it over. He is also the man behind Lindows/Linspire.

Josh Pigford

I’ll be VERY suprised if Apple doesn’t take some sort of action on this. Is the guy that started it the former founder of the OLD or the new CNET one?

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