Congrats Fred, and some tiny quibbles


Dear Fred,

Congratulations on the launch of your new venture capital firm, Union Square Ventures. I am assuming all official meetings will be held at the lovely Steak Frites. I hope you do well with this and reach new heights of glory and financial success with this venture. With the two initial investments, you are off to a good start. Must commend you for not hiring a PR agency – your site is the message.

And this blog will serve as one way to get the word out about things we like, things we don’t like, and areas we are interested in. That should help entrepreneurs determine whether or not Union Square Ventures is the right firm for them.

Hopefully like Ross and you, more people realize that.

PS: What’s with your site not working with Firefox on Linux. Linux and Firefox are both very disruptive. Poking around, I see it uses tables not CSS. -) My way of some hazing!

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