Napster to Go debuts- rent your music

Napster LogoIf you saw the Napster ads during the Super Bowl last Sunday you should know by now that Napster has officially opened its Napster to Go subscription service.  Napster has chosen a subscription model that lets you download an unlimited amount of music for a flat $14.95 a month.  All you have to do to have continued access to your music library is continue to pay the monthly fee or your music will become unplayable.  New subscribers can get a 30–Day trial of the service to see if it works for you.  A Napster to GO compatible MP3 player is required along with Windows Media Player 10 to use the service.  As of this writing the following MP3 players are on Napster’s compatibility list:

  • iriver H10Napster to GO
  • Dell Pocket DJ
  • Creative Zen Micro
  • SMT5600 Smartphone
  • Zen Portable Media Center
  • Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox
  • iriver H320 and PMC-120
  • Samsung Napster YH-920GS
  • Samsung YH-999 Portable Media Center

All of the listed MP3 players require a firmware/driver update which is available on the Napster to Go web site.  Owners of the uber-popular iPod are out in the cold as it is not expected that Apple will enter into any agreement with Napster.


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