Freeware of the Moment- Audacity sound editor


AudacitylinuxsmallI know very little about sound editing and mixing and audio stuff like that but preparation for the upcoming jkOnTheRun TechChat (stay tuned) has forced me into the world of the aurally proficient. Fortunately for me Kevin Tofel, future TechChat partner, turned me on to the most excellent free editor, Audacity.  Audacity is released under the GPL and the program can do so much that it is a wonderful piece of kit for the podcaster.  With versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix, Audacity is a true cross platform audio solution with a surprising amount of power in a svelte package.

With Audacity you can record and mix multiple tracks into a single recording and add a myriad of special effects to your masterpiece.  Our preliminary work with the TechChat has us recording into Audacity via Skype and the sound quality is very good indeed considering the investment.  Even if you are not planning a podcast of your own Audacity is great fun to use editing existing sound files and producing your own unique flavor.  Highly recommended.



Pretty much playing it by ear (pun intended). I emailed you a link to a pretty good tutorial for podcasting with Skype.


I’ve been wondering recently about making audio stuff. Is there a brief tutorial or how-to somewhere that you’re following or are you just playing around until it works? :)


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