Doppler 2.0 is out


Doppler 2.0 has gone gold and has so many new features I have to list them after the jump.  My favorite is resumable downloads, no wait, it’s multi-threaded downloads, no, it’s on the fly conversion from MP3 to AAC for iTunes users, no…  You get the picture now get Doppler 2.0.

  • Multi-threaded, simultaneous downloads.
  • Resuming downloads.
  • Automatic retry if a download fails (for instance if the server goes down for a few seconds or something like that). Doppler will retry the download 10 times, waiting a bit longer between every retry.
  • On the fly conversion of your mp3 to m4b/aac format if you are using iTunes
  • Tag rewriting including ‘smarttags’ like %date%, %feedname%, %time%, %artist% etc. etc. etc.
  • The ability to have Doppler check feeds at a specific time during the day.
  • You can now apply your default feed settings to already existing feeds (it’s in the "Tools" menu)
  • A new space saver: clean up by rating! It allows you set a specific rating. If you set it to 1 star, the moment you set your podcast to a 1 star rating, Doppler will remove it from the playlist in the next retrieval run.
  • Catch-up all feeds. You can tell Doppler to not add the last x podcasts to the history, so that you can still enjoy the latest podcast. But not have to download all those podcasts made during your vacation.
  • You can Doppler now tell explicity how to handle feeds which contain the same mp3 file over and over. Skip them or add the date/time to the filename.
  • A log file. Doppler 1.1.1 reported to the system event log. Doppler 2.0 maintains it’s own log, which means now that Windows ME and 98 users now also can run Doppler!
  • You can pick a category to sync from BlogLines
  • Double click on a feed and it will open a lightweight RSS reader!
  • You can automatically increment a track number counter on every download, making it easier to order your downloaded podcasts in a playlist.

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