C-Ya Carly

In the words of great New York Yankees commentator, C-Ya Carly. The Hewlett Packard board decided that it was time for the company to look for new leadership, and asked Carly Fiorina to clear out the executive suite. Question, many are asking is what took them so long. Fiorina has had a controversial stay at HP, and in recent months it had become obvious that she was a “A” League player in the big leagues. Two exposes by The Wall Street Journal and Fortune, basically laid out the whole mess in black-and-white. Carly, in her old gig at Lucent had been equally bumbling, except it was the peak of the bubble, and telecom sales were rising and no-one really knew what a mess she was leaving behind. But that’s digging up buried bodies. My big question in this whole debate is that why isn’t the board being asked to leave. Well, these were the guys who supported Carly and the ill-fated decision to buy Compaq. It was these guys who called Walter Hewlett, the scion of Hewlett family a fool, and basically asked him to leave the board for doing his job. Excuse me, why is Carly being the only one to ask to leave. Here is a link to an open letter to Carly Fiorina, I had written in Red Herring back in 2002.


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