10.3.8 Update Available in Software Update


As reported in detail on MacRumors, Panther update 10.3.8 is now available through Software Update. It weighs in at a hefty 27mb and fixes/optimizes a number of different things across the operating system.

As good sense goes (and by popular recommendation), it’s generally better to wait a day or so after a software update is released to make sure there aren’t a high number of catostrophic issues stemming from said update. So watch the Mac forums (macrumors forums or macosx.com for instance) and rumors sites over the next 24 – 36 hours and if/when all goes well, download to your heart’s content!

About a month ago 10.3.7 was rumored to be the final update before Tiger (10.4) was released. Well, Rumor-freaks can guess a little easier now, as this latest (10.3.8) update or the next are the last possible 2 before Tiger…which won’t bring Tiger any quicker unfortunately.


nick santilli

Yeah, I thought I knew a few things, but I read that piece at Daring Fireball and learned a ton! Lots of great resources linked throughout the article too.

and thanks for the note Kevin!

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