VoIP in the Sky

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Looks like VoIP is headed to the stratosphere. Net2Phone and Hughes Network Systems have teamed up to offer an integrated VoIP service to DIRECWAY broadband satellite customers throughout Europe and the Middle East. The service runs over HNS’ advanced DW6040 Voice Appliance terminal. It was jointly developed and has the capability to prioritize voice packets over data traffic. I am assuming it is a matter of time before other satellite providers jump into the fray and start pushing these services to consumers, opening up the third front in the war between cable and telephone operators.

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Jesse Kopelman

You gotta wonder how they get around the huge trip latency from talking to the satellite (200ms). Seems like a recipe for a crappy sounding call once you add latency for internet routing and voice encoding/decoding. Is this VOIP’s version of Broadband over Powerline?

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