MCI-Qwest: Betting the farm on IP

If…. and I mean really big if… the Qwest and MCI decide to tie the knot, then it will be a merger that’s all about the internet protocol (IP.) The combined company will be making a bold bet on IP, and its role in the future of communications. The two companies, individually are big players in the IP transport business. Qwest is trying to go from a laggard to a Bell that uses latest technologies – naked DSL and VoIP – to hang on to their customer base. “What you have to do is retool to be highly competitive and nimble,” Notebaert said last year, in a chat with The Denver Post. MCI’s CEO Michael Capellas wants to embed the phone into the computer (Hey he ran Compaq… you blame him for thinking like a PC guy?) “And we want to be the company that enables the next generation,” he once said. (That is if his company lasts through this generation!)

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