DSL KOs Cable Broadband


ABI Research has a theory that the cable broadband is getting pummeled by telecom operators worldwide in the broadband sweepstakes. That is you don’t include North America. Well, it is one way of looking at it, but it is an unfair comparison if you ask me. Most of the markets where DSL has been a bit of sizzler, there is nothing like an organized broadband over cable business. India and China are two perfect examples – the cable operators get the signals from satellite dishes and then redistribute them locally over home grown networks, which can barely do television, forget about broadband. Anyway ABI says DSL’s share of new subscribers has grown from 29% to 40% in the past year, while elsewhere, consumers are signing on for DSL at up to double the rate of cable. With the advent of ADSL2 and soon ADSL2+, DSL has basically done a left-right combination of low prices and matching speeds on the cable guys. Analyst Joseph Yau, says that such higher-speed services are already available in Asia and Europe, and should start to appear in North America this year. I wonder how the global market looks if you took into account the North Americas where cable guys are clearly stronger.

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