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I never thought I’d able to do this (or want to), but I’ve now completely cataloged my entire library of books and DVDs. What’s more, I now have the genre the various tomes fall in, how much the copies are currently going for on and how they’re rated by the various internet reviewers on I have cover art galore, the ability to make notes, the ability to easily look up similar books and movies and even the ability to manage who I’ve lent them to. And it was fun.


By using Delicious Library, from Delicious Monster.

The idea behind Delicious Library is fairly simple. It provides a dedicated database to help you track physical media, such as DVDs, audio CDs, books, and games — that is, anything that you’d probably lend out to someone or that you’d like to keep track of for a personal inventory. Each record has specific fields to store appropriate metadata. For example, for books it has fields for format (paperback, hardback, etc.), genre, rating, and publishing date for that edition. Delicious Library provides integration with to look up information about the book so you don’t have to type it yourself. (Currently, only the U.S. Amazon website is supported for lookups, though Delicious Monster says in their FAQ that they are working to add support for every available international database possible.)

Delicious Library

There’s a number of ways you can enter information into Delicious Library. You can manually enter the information (title, author, ISBN number, etc.) and have Delicious Library search Amazon for matches. You may be able to adapt your USB barcode scanner (check the FAQ on Delicious Monster’s site for more details.) You can also use a Bluetooth scanner that you can purchase from Delicious Monster. The most fun way is to use your iSight or DV video camera as a barcode scanner. I used my Panasonic PV-DV910, and Delicious Library had no problems using it as its scanner.

Delicious Library Search Options

When you use your iSight or DV camera, Delicious Library gives you a Black and White video feed with red horizontal lines running across the live video feed.

Delicious Library Video Scan

Grab that book, video or software, find the barcode on it and hold it up to your camera (make sure you have sufficient light). Delicious Library reads the barcode info and downloads all the information regarding the product it can find on, usually including a beautiful shot of the cover.

Scanned Book

This is not infallible as I found that occasionally it would not recognize a product or the graphic would not be available. (For some reason, my Vonnegut novels never worked with the scan, so I had to enter their titles in manually.)

As noted earlier, you can also use Delicious Library to catalog your movies…

Scanned DVDs

as well as your games.

Scanned Games

All work the same way, with your being able to look up the titles on Amazon using any of the scanning options or by manually typing in the title and creator. The truly amazing part is how fast you’ll be able to catalog. Using my DV camera, a broadband internet connection and my 15“ PB G4, I was able to sort and catalog my 300+ books, movies and games in a couple of evenings. This process was greatly sped up by the fact that Delicious Library also queries Amazon to see if there are similar books to the one being scanned.

Similar Books

If I had books that showed up under the Similar tab that I hadn’t scanned in yet, I could drag-and-drop them over to the shelves. That saved me time scanning and is a really nice feature of Delicious Library, as copying from the Similar list also brings over all the data and art associated with those books.

In the end, I was a little disappointed when I ran out of things to catalog as working with Delicious Library had been a lot of fun. How often do you get to say that about doing an inventory? Of course, that could just mean I need to head out and get some more….



hi Alan
you are right, just their documentation was not very clear.
I have upgraded for $20
so far so good
thanks for pointing this out!

Alan Feather

For one thing it’s only $20 for an upgrade not $40. There is also a $20 discount if you are a member of certain Apple user groups (and one of my friends just searched the net for a discount code and found one that worked so he only paid $20 for a full copy).

$20 is good value and I don’t know why you think the upgrade price is $40 – it isn’t.


this is a rip off! I have the previous version of Delicious Library, paid $40. Now there is an upgrade for the full price of $40. And what happens on next upgrade? Another $40? Forget it!!!
You have been warned, do not get sucked in!


I couldn’t get it to work, it would only scan one of my Mercedes Lackey covers (paper backs) and none of my Harry Potter (without dust jackets because I threw them out). It could very well be operator error but its too much of a headache. I tried to enter them manually but it wouldn’t let me click to put in a title. Its all very sad because I have shelves of books (both mine and my families) that really ought to be catalogued. What the program need is to become more idiot proof with an optional turoial and trouble shooting program.

Josh Pigford

I really could scan stuff all day. Wow…good times. What a great program. Version 2.0 of this thing is going to be phenomenal from all the stuff I’ve read about it.


I recently added all my games, DVD’s, and books into this and I wish I had had an iSight or barcode scanner. Now I need to scan my book covers in.

Kevin Ballard

2 notes:

1) Some books, especially mass market paperbacks, have a second barcode on the inside front cover. This is the one you need to scan to get it to show up properly in Delicious Library

2) You can also option-click the button next to a similar item to add it. When you press option you’ll notice the add to shopping cart buttons turn into add to library buttons.

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