Opening Doors


“The holy grail for any content owner in the mobile content space is to build a direct relationship with consumers, one enabling them, via a branded piece of real estate on a user’s handset, to deliver constantly updated premium content, without having to negotiate with the operators for distribution through their portals…”Punters don’t give a stuff about O2 or Vodafone but they do care about GMTV,” says head of interactive Nog Sawdon. “They relate to what’s really part of their lives, not the operators behind a service.” The article then goes on to discuss where mobile portals are heading, and to compare Java sites to Flash Lite sites. An interesting read in that it acknowledges the difficulties faced by the content providers because of variation within the mobile industry, and even tips its hat to the fact that when both Java and Flash were implemented on the Web they were done so in a way that really, really annoyed a lot of people…

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