Court docs reveal Kazaa logs downloads


I was wondering when this would become an issue as it seemed likely that P2P networks are doing this and Slashdot is reporting that court documents confirm that Kazaa is logging downloads on their network.  This chilling revelation from the Slashdot article:

"APC Magazine journalist Garth Montgomery, who has covered every day of the trial in the Australian Federal Court, says: "In a nutshell, this has got to rate as the most explosive document revealed. It makes it damn near impossible to maintain the separation theory that Sharman and Altnet rely on in terms of business independence and technical infrastructure. The control they exercise over the system is complete." Montgomery has also scanned in all the documents and made them available in PDF format, including the confidential Kazaa purchase contract and technical specifications for the Kazaa Media Desktop."

The logging under discussion is full logs of downloads and uploads onto the Kazaa networks.  Now that the documents are subpoenaed into the court system they are public records making it very easy for the RIAA to get at them.  This is very bad for consumers.



Anybody like me who has teenagers with access to computers has seen music downloaded from P2P outlets like Kazaa. I regularly go through their computers and delete the stuff and tell them it’s wrong and to stop doing it and that lasts for a while but eventually they do it again because it’s easy and “all their friends do it”. The fact that their activity is logged doesn’t sit well with me even as I am trying to do the right thing. We are discovering that we are not as anonymous on the Internet as we have come to believe.


I’m a consumer when I buy the CD just as much as I’m a consumer when I download it to see if I like it before I buy the CD. Either way my intent is to find and buy music I like.


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