Circuit Switches, Not Dead Yet

Voice-over-the-Internet will kill circuit switches …. eventually! Despite all the buzz around VoIP these days, many are finding that switching away from circuit switch technology is a nightmare. (This is not to be confused with greenfield deployments, which are relatively easy to pull off.) “There is a big difference that we are seeing in the ability to make voice-over-IP work in a lab environment and making voice-over-IP work in the field,” Mike O’Malley, Tellabs’ portfolio marketing manager told CED magazine. “It’s a big difference in terms of signal-to-noise ratio and other factors operating successfully in the lab than it is operating actually out on installed cable plant that has been out there for years and years.” Many small cable operators who are using circuit switches see no compelling economic reason to invest in VoIP as yet, and are playing the waiting game.


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