SuperBowl Commercial Update


MSN Search ad… did anyone see the commercial? Loved the commeercial, not impressed that much by the service itself.How much of “the commercial” is really true? My experience with MSN Search is well, lukewarm… Go had a great commercial, and apparently others thought as much. It was tough to log onto the site. Covad’s VoIP movie made its SuperBowl debut. Hey anyone notice how lame the halftime show is with a geriatric rocker Paul McCartney. I guess with nipplegate fresh on their minds, FOX is not taking any chance with FCC. Apparently, FOX decided to cancel’s second superbowl commercial. Bob Parsons’ Go Daddy CEO writes:

After our first ad was aired, the NFL became upset and they, together with Fox, decided to pull the ad from running a second time. Because we purchased two spots, we were also entitled to a “Brought to you by” 5 second marquis spot. They also chose to pull the marquis spot.

Yo anyone got a torrent of this ad?



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