Sunbird 0.2 released


Calendar_modern_weekFor all you open source fans Mozilla has released the first major release of the Sunbird program. Sunbird is the calendar/ task manager intended to complement Mozilla’s Thunderbird email program, with the hope the combo can replace Microsoft Outlook for those who prefer open source solutions.  Sunbird is a work in progress but looks pretty good.



Marc, just tracked down some further information about the Mozilla integration plans. There is yet another project designated Lightning which is a project to bring the calendaring/ task functions into the Thunderbird email program. Kind of an Outlook competitor. This from the Lightning FAQ:

Q. So what about the existing Mozilla Calendar extension for Thunderbird? Does Lightning replace that?

A. The Mozilla Calendar extension for Thunderbird is a separate project and codebase, though all Mozilla Calendar projects (the extensions, Sunbird, Lightning) will share the core calendar components and protocols. While the Mozilla Calendar extension for Thunderbird acts essentially as an alternate launcher for the Sunbird application window, Lightning is designed to integrate into the main Thunderbird UI and user interaction model as tightly as possible.

It sounds like Lightning/Thunderbird is the one for Outlook users to watch for. Initial release estimated mid-2005.


Thanks for the clarification, Marc. I haven’t tried the Mozilla apps yet but I know several people who have switched totally to Thunderbird for email and love it. When these apps interoperate it will indeed be a whole new ball game which is very exciting. Competition is so good for consumers. :)

Marc Orchant

Never mind. Here’s the answer to my previous comment’s question:

Mozilla Calendar vs. Mozilla Sunbird

Mozilla Calendar is the calendar extension for Mozilla products such as the Mozilla Application Suite, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mozilla Sunbird is the standalone form of the calendar extension, which means that it doesn’t need one of the above mentioned applications to run. Mozilla Sunbird and Mozilla Calendar use the same base code so their functionality is virtually the same and they share the same bugs and bug fixes. Some features currently depend on the underlying product:

* Open URL works only in the Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Firefox.
* Email alarm works only in Mozilla Thunderbird and the Mozilla Application Suite.

Marc Orchant

So James… what do think? Can this provide a serious challenge to Outlook (in combination with Thunderbird)? I’ve just downloaded it myself and will give it a look. The key will be how well Sunbird and Thunderbird integrate IMO. If they’re just two standalone apps, serious Outlook users won’t even bother trying these apps. If they actually integrate, we have )potentially) a whole ne ball game. Especially if the extensions developers support these apps the way they have Firefox.

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