Skype, Bellster, fwdOUT… P2P Telephony Sunday


Sunday morning reading is all about peer-to-peer telephony. For instance Skype has inked a deal with Hutchinson in Hong Kong. The two companies will set-up a joint portal which will allow fixed line carrier’s customers to download and use a special Skype client. The basic Skype features are part of the deal. Mark Evans wonders, “These kind of relationships have been difficult for Skype because Skype is the the carriers’ worse nightmare – it offers a service that piggybacks on their networks and offers consumers free or inexpensive long-distance calling. I’m curious about why HGC would get into bed with Skype rather than develop software internally or strike a deal with a Vonage.” Elsewhere, Aswath has posted his second take on Bellster nee fwdOUT. Pulver thinks his project is misunderstood and the killer application for big organizations like universities. Sure, but SIPPhone does that. Actually has been doing this for a bit now.

fwdOUT is a ’social communications’ experiment and so far the two week results have been quite encouraging. There are some people in the blogsphere who don’t understand the drivers of fwdOUT (they never asked me directly) but yet they feel a need to blog a comment on what they think is going on, even if they are not in the know of what is really happening. This aspect of the blogsphere continues to be a source of my own personal amusement. -)

Hey Jeff, l like that you are taking swipe at some of us skeptics, and are being amused. Maybe you forgot that unless you are going to be clear from day one, people in blogsphere are not going to buy the “vision” without questions. These same skeptics are industry insiders who clearly know a lot about telecom and IP telephony.

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