EchoStar takes on TiVO

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TiVo’s troubles are well known by now. It lost its premier partner, DirecTV which came out with its own PVR hack. And now the other satellite television provider, EchoStar is trying to do in TiVo by aggressive marketing. Earlier this week the company launched a free upgrade program for its two-room Dish DVR. Tag line of the campaign: For people who think the idea behind TiVo is cool but the price isn’t. Meeow! CED magazine points out that the billboard ads will hammer home the message that, ‘Sure, TiVo is hot. TiVo is also expensive.’ EchoStar is offering the DVR equipment for free, but the monthly service charge is about $5 a month, about $8 less than what TiVo charges ever month.

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Om Malik

I’m not too sure what you’re referring to when you say Tivo costs $13/month. I’m rather certain that DirectTV charges me $6/months for my TIVO service.

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