VoWifi Phones Are the Shizzle

How do you get your mom to stop calling you every second day, and repeating, well, “when are you going to get married son… you know all your friends are trading their first ones in for new wives and you haven’t gotten out of the blocks yet!” I say, give her a VoWiFi phone. It looks like a cellphone, and is very cute and all. Tell her, this will save her tons of money. Even the venerable New York Times gives the concept a thumbs up. (Like you, she would not know if the reporter has actually tried to use one of these gizmos!) And when the phones don’t work, do your best French impersonation and shrug your shoulders and say, well Times said they are the shizzle. Guess what you will many options to choose from. Zyxel, Vonage, Siemens, Motorola and Nokia – all will have some offerings. Others are putting the VoWiFi phones right into the cellphones. I was half-skeptical about these devices, but you don’t have to tell mom that!

Since then, I have improved my math skills from first grade level to second grade level. My best estimate is that even if the handset is free, the VoIP service will cost you about $25 a month (unlimited), and the WiFi access will cost you about $30 a month if you travel a lot. At home wifi is for free though. Now if you have a good cellular wireless plan – $80 a month for about 1250 minutes with unlimited weekends and nights, then your total phone bill is going to be around $135 a month. Instead if you went over the limit of your cellphone by 120 minutes, you will still pay around an extra $36 a month. Of course you can switch to the basic $40 plan and make a compelling case for VoWiFi. Can you smart people do the math on these VoWiFi or dual mode – wifi+cell phones – and get back to me? Maybe I am thinking too narrow here?