Organize your life with MediaMan

MediamanIf you are like me you have tons of movies on DVD, hardback and paperback books, console games and lots of software.  You could benefit from some method of cataloging them all into an inventory if it was only easy.  Every system I’ve looked at in the past has involved a lot of manual data entry and is quickly dropped.  Don’t fret because there is a way to finally create that inventory that is not only easy, it’s fun.  The MediaMan program lets you catalog all of the types of things mentioned above and do it quickly and easily.  How do they eliminate the tedious entry?  Using your webcam MediaMan scans the barcode on all of these products and goes online to Amazon (US, Japan, Germany and the UK) to retrieve all the pertinent information and sticks it in the database for you.  Scan, click, next item.  Oh, the best part, MediaMan is free.  It will even track stuff you loan to others so you remember to get them back.


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