Next Generation Wireless Data for Consumers


Once you get past the first few paragraphs (after the vomitous phrase “going forward”) this is an interesting panel discussion about wireless content and some of the innovations in the industry. Discussion points include why there is a high level of innovation in the mobile content business (“The big distinction between internet and the wireless internet: The wireless internet has been for business…The infrastructure also is an engine that drives tremendous innovation in the space because people are making money.”), how a major content provider decides what content to license and who they have to talk to in order to do it, and technology to change content distribution from buying files to buying rights. This sort of thing has been mooted before (see related stories) but this is the first time I’ve seen the content explained. The basic idea is that instead of buying files you can buy rights, which you can resell if you wish. The idea – and the benefits – are explained clearly towards the bottom of the article. Well worth a read.

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