Get the Earth Browser now!


Saw this on Cameron Reilly’s blog.  It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever put on any computer.  Go get it, now.  You’ll thank me later.


Earth Browser



Excellent point, Kevin. These types of programs bring home how far computer h/w has come. The compute and graphics requirements to do these kinds of things are really stringent but h/w today can easily handle it.

The coolest thing to me about The Earth Browser is the real time updating over the internet for all the various info you can display, like weather, clouds, fires, etc. You can literally see the Earth as if from space.

Kevin C. Tofel

This looks fantastic and great for the kids! If folks are looking for somthing similar “skyward”, I HIGHLY recommend the Starry Night series at: These are more pricey but if you are into astronomy or just curious about space, the Starry Night series can be as simple (or as feature filled) as you want. You can travel anywhere in the universe at any point in time, past or present. Pretty cool to see Halley’s Comet at the same “time” that it was discovered!



Wow, that is really cool. It seems to lag a lot, but that is probably my computer.

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