Thanks, Bare Bones!

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I noticed Scott over at TUAW talking about TextWrangler 2.0 and wanted to also to give some praise for TextWrangler 2.0, recently released as freeware by the fine people at Bare Bones Software. I’d been a user of BBEdit Lite, which was Bare Bones’s free text editor, for a number of years and had noticed it growing a little long in the tooth recently. TextWrangler had been Bare Bones’s replacement for BBEdit Lite, with the small catch that you had to pay for it. However, at MacWorld SF 2005, Bare Bones announced that they were releasing TextWrangler for the rock bottom price of zip.

Since replacing BBEdit Lite in my editing tools, I think my favorite feature has been that I can work with text files and save them directly to my FTP server. This is a time-saver for me if I’m working on a document at work and want to save it directly to my home server.

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Kevin Ballard

Heh, I’ve used BBEdit for a few years now, and I almost never use the FTP feature. Whenever I want to do FTP editing, I generally fire up Transmit, find the FTP file, and double-click it there (which downloads it to a temp file and opens in BBEdit, then re-saves back to the server when I reactivate Transmit). Much easier to find the file on the FTP server that way, since Transmit is a real FTP client, not just a simple interface like BBEdit.

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