IPod rivals to try players with rented music (sub)


Hollywood Reporter has an article discussing whether music will be bought by subscription or by permanently buying tracks. With the subscription model you get more music but you have to keep paying for it… although there is also the question of longevity. The music labels have repeatedly come out against making back-ups of music to prevent the originals getting ruined (therefore requiring new purchases) by claiming that if a book gets ruined you have to buy another book. Maybe so, but I can still read books printed in the first half of this century without any trouble, and I just finished reading a book (One flew over the cuckoos nest) that had broken in half along its spine. I could never do that with a CD. So there is something to be said for paying for music only when you want to listen to it, provided you’re willing to run the risk of your favorite track being removed from the subscription buffet…

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