Guest PC- Run Windows on your Mac Mini


So you say you want to run Windows on your Mac Mini?  There’s a new Windows emulator for the Mac that is only $70 and claims to be a full emulation.  You do have to supply your own copy of Windows but if the screen shots are accurate it does look pretty sweet.  (Guest PC actually runs on most Macs.)

Guest PC supports the following operating systems:

• Windows XP Home and Professional
• Windows 2000 Workstation and Server
• Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server
• Windows Me
• Windows 98 and 98se
• Windows 95
• Windows 3.1



Rick Blythin

I purchased this emulator recently. I found a limitation in GIMP working with Photoshop files. So I bought Guest PC (latest version 1.2) so I could run my PC version of Photoshop 7. My undestanding is the latest version is a vast improvement. While no one should expect blazing fast performance from any emulator, I find Guest PC’s speed to be quite good. There is a slight delay accessing menu’s and such but it’s still very usable for my Photoshop work. Guest PC is still new so I expect it will continue to improve. I’ve heard that MS VPC has a video flicker while Guest PC doesn’t.

Someone perviously posted they couldn’t share files between OS X, networking runs fine for me I can access the entire LAN which is a mix of Windows, Linux and my powerbook. I wasn’t about to shell out for Microsoft’s VPC, Guest PC has been an excellent value for me.


Virtual PC is now owned by Microsoft, and support is virtually non-existent (for the Macintosh version at least). Any calls are likely routed to India, where you waste lots of time getting a person who doesn’t know the product and can barely communicate with you, let alone answer technical questions.

If this product is going to have good technical support, like Virtual PC did when Connectix owned it, it might turn out to be very useful.

I do wish they would hurry and address support USB though. (Virtual PC Version 5 and 6 support USB printers but not other USB devices like scanners or GPS units unless you boot into Mac OS 9.2).

Product is very new (two updates already) – suggests somebody is taking it seriously…



Kay – the standard date format for many countries is in fact Day/Month/Year. (In the same way that we have standard spelling for words like “colour”, “aluminium” and “optimise”. Standards are always in the eye of the beholder ;-)

Peter – I can’t vouch for the speed of this product, but I doubt it’s a bundled copy of GuestPC. This company released the BlueLabel Power Emulator for OS 9 during the 90s, so I assume their codebase has developed quite independently. My experience of all emulators is that they’re slow. Remember that fact, and you won’t be disappointed. Probably.


I bought Guest PC with the student discount, and boy was I ripped off.

With Win 98, it feels like about 100 MHz. The system’s dialog says that it is a Pentium Pro. The included DOS navigator says that it is a 486 333, but when run through a command prompt in windows, it says a 386 DX 560! Confused is this program, yes… It has a 2 MB Cirrus Logic emulated VGA adapter, no USB, and doesn’t allow me to transfer files easily between my OS X (10.3.8) desktop and the Windows desktop. The only way is by burning files to a CD! Not a recommended purchase.

Luckily the student pricing is 40% off. Good luck running Win XP on one of these things.

I have a new iMac G5 1.8, 512 Ram.


Why not VirtualPC? Because it’s made by Microsoft, and it’s expensive.


I found something interesting on their website:

On their homepage they say “02/01/05 Guest PC 1.0 first release.”

which means 4 days if they adhere to standard date format Month / Day / Year

However, on
they list more reasons to use their program than othe apps could gather in a year (note that the reasons are based on users who “thank” Lismore for creating Guest PC).

All their reasons are highly imaginative – like the one under “Learning” (mother / daughter) which is common with more applications but they should at least try to make it a _little_ more believable …


I have Virtual PC installed on my Powerbook G4. I actually installed the Tablet PC 2005 OS on it, just for the heck of it. It runs well, but it is VERY VERY slow, so I am no terribly fond of its usefulness. It will be nice to see how well (FAST) this emulator works.

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