FTSE jumps on M&A flurry


Mobile content provider iTouch is touting the idea that it might be sold soon, possible to MonsterMob. However, the Guardian put it the other way, claiming iTouch was making a bid for MonsterMob. I very much doubt both stories are true – if they are there is more rumouring going on in the UK thana stitch and bitch night.

Meanwhile, back in the States, Michael D. Capellas (the guy who sold Compaq to HP and who is now the chief executive of MCI) is trying to create <a href="another major US telco merger (subs) to follow the recent sale of AT&T to SBC Communications. Capellas is in talks with Qwest – which appears to have more than enough troubles of its own – but many people seem to think the talks are simply to get an offer from one of the larger telcos, Verizon or BellSouth. They don’t seem to be biting, however…

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