American Airlines in-flight media centers

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Aa_pmcAmerican Airlines customers may soon be able to leave their portable media players at home as the airline has announced a new program that provides portable media centers on certain flights. 

"It’s called a personal entertainment device but we’re going to brand it later and what it does is provide passengers with a whole range of entertainment and information options," says Ned Raynolds of American Airlines. "The device is yours to rent for the duration of the flight. All you have to do is slip a credit card through the slot and the credit card in this case will take $7.95 off your credit card. You will have 12 feature movies, out of first run, but not yet on DVD, you will have 12 music videos, you will have games, you will have music and a vast array of options." 

(NY1 News via Gizmodo)

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Wow, I’m surprised they made the price so reasonable. Of course any of s Geeks are already watching movies on our various devices (be it Pocket PCs, PMPs like the Creative or Archos stuff, Sony U style things, or even laptops) but $8 is a great deal to watch a movie or two on your flight (especially ones that are out of theatres but not yet on DVD). :)

Now if only they’d allow WiFi (at REASONABLE prices) on Planes as well.. ;)


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