Wi-Fi visionary: better case for VoIP WiFi than VoIP over cell


Here’s a strange piece from ZDNet. To summarise: “VoIP over WiFi is clearly a trend we intend to leverage,” said Dayton. Yet Dayton is a bit less enthusiastic about VoIP over the next generation of handsets. “I haven’t seen a convicinging argument for VoIP over 3G yet,” he added.” I’ve never come across so much as a suggestion of voice over 3G. Cellular technology is used on cellphones which have a specific capability of making voice calls. In fact some people think they were designed for that. VoIP is cheaper than landlines, especially for long distance, but (at the moment at least) mobile data charges are higher than for voice calls. And this is unlikely to change since it’s the same company offering the same bandwidth. While there are some “all you can eat” data packages these would disappear if they started affecting voice revenue… am I missing something? Email me if you can politely point out what it is…

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