Open request to Starbucks customers


If you do not have a laptop or other gadget to plug into the only electrical outlet then please don’t sit at the table next to it.  Thanks.

UPDATE:  Please don’t bring your kids in and let them run around yelling and screaming and then sit at the table next to someone who is working on a laptop.  Thanks.

UPDATE #2:  Please don’t let your kids throw cookies at someone working on a laptop at the next table.  Thanks.

UPDATE #3.  Please don’t ignore your children while talking loudly on your phone while sitting next to someone working at a laptop.  Thanks.

UPDATE #4. Please don’t bring your yelling and screaming kids into Starbucks with the intention of meeting another friend and her screaming kids and having them also sit at a table next to someone working at a laptop.  Thanks.

UPDATE #5.  I am so sorry.  I have never been this clumsy before. I don’t know how that steaming hot cappuccino was knocked over.  Yes I know that must really burn and I am sure the kids will stop screaming when it does. I really am sorry that you’re leaving.  Thanks.

FINAL UPDATE:  This was just a joke.  No children were harmed in the making of this post.



I think children are an accessory best left at home if you are entering a Starbucks! I hate to go in to sit, relax, spend a fortune on a cup of coffee only to have it ruined by someones brat that is full force running, yelling and screaming! I wish those of you with children would realize that those of us who do not know your children are not amused by their behavior! Usually we are actually wondering if you even know it is your job to discipline. Leave the brats at home if you want to come hang with the rest of the yuppie community!

Lynn Stenftenagel

Hello! We’re writing a book about Starbucks. It sounds like you’re a fan of Starbucks, altho not necessarily a fan of Starbucks customers. I wondered if you would like to share a Starbucks experience for possible inclusion in the book. It can be a specific thing that happened or just your feelings about why you frequent a particular store. If your submission is included in the book, we’ll send you a copy of the book, give you credit in the book, and send a $25 Starbucks gift card. Hope to hear from you. Lynn


I would having free power outlets for Laptop users would run up some serious bills when ten or twenty people sit for hours at a time.
Maybe they should pull the plug and have an area with toys for children?


Marc, if I was that thin skinned I wouldn’t be doing this in the first place. What I find funny is how the last line is being overlooked:

FINAL UPDATE: This was just a joke. No children were harmed in the making of this post.


Marc Orchant


Seems you’ve upset a few folks with this one. Hopefully they’ll get over it.

I agree with Todd that Starbucks definitely markets itself as more than a coffee bar. They provide a meeting space where I almost always see business being conducted and laptops used.


Starbucks sells more than coffee. The Starbucks in NYC have wireless access points and comfortable chairs. There are some Starbucks that sell music CDs. If they were just in the business of selling coffee, the stores would be much smaller and the layout different and the experience of going to a Starbucks would be marketed differently.

I’ve also been to Starbucks where people run extension cords across the floor so they can work. I think it’s just as inconsiderate as not controlling a child. It’s a public space and certain courtesies should be practiced.

Take the post in the manner it was intended and get over *yourself*.

Mr. Guilt

Last time I checked, Starbucks was in the business of selling coffee, not an extention to office space. While there are some common courtesy points you bring up (controlling children, which should always be the rule regardless of venue), others are just snippy.

Get over yourself.

Barry B

Very funny. Reminds me of the rhythm of the story “The House that Jack Built” and its side-splitting (for children) parody, “The House that Drac Built”.

Todd Adams

But tell me you don’t feel slightly superior sitting there with your U, watching people with laptops try to sit two or three to a table and realizing that their laptops and associated “stuff” won’t all fit on the table top.

I can empathize, jk

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