Heartland Spreading Broadband FUD?


Karl Bode, over at Broadband Blog is quite upset about the cheap tricks being pulled by lobbying groups and institutes who he sees as nothing more than fronts for special interests. In a scathing editorial, Bode writes:

One such group, the Heartland Institute, this week released yet another report attacking municipal broadband projects. It’s part of a long-standing assault on your town’s right to wire itself if nobody else will. For reference, this same group also quietly acts as a PR tool for the tobacco industry, by posing as a “Smoker’s Rights” group. Their website contains such gems as: “The public health community’s campaign against smoking is based on junk science.”

I think most of the Broadband Bloggers are finding this whole “towns don’t know what they are talking about stuff” quite bothersome. I Continue reading!

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