G’day World interviews Marc Orchant


Good friend Marc Orchant (Tablet PCs Weblog, Office Weblog, among others) is a very interesting person with a lot going on all the time.  You know a person is interesting when his official title at work is Storyteller (I’m not kidding).  It is a favorite pasttime of mine reading the many articles he writes about productivity and technology and his insightful software reviews. 

The good people of the G’day World Podcast think so too and recently interviewed Marc and they have put the Podcast up for download on their web site.  </suckup mode on> Mick Stanic and Cameron Reilly produce the best quality Podcasts around and I never miss a single one of them.  They are always interviewing interesting movers and shakers of the IT industry and their down to earth style makes the hour long Podcast (usually even longer) go by very quickly.  </suckup mode off>  This interview with Marc is no exception and covers a broad range of topics ranging from Tablet PCs to Moleskines.  Very recommended listening.



So readers don’t wonder what happened I’ve now hooked up via Skype already. Thanks Cam.

Cameron Reilly

sucking up goes a long way with us JK! OK OK, when do you want to come on the show? BTW, over at thepodcastnetwork.com we’re looking for someone to host our Tablet PC podcast. You know anyone who might be interested?

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