AppleCare service review

Back when I was in high school, I worked at Best Buy for about 6 months. (Of course I was selling computers!) Yeah, that was a fun time…trust me when I say, no one knows anything there.

But I digress. I mention this job because we tried selling BB’s protection plans (warranties) for everything. I would never have bought one myself, but whatever. Well, AppleCare is Apple’s “protection plan”. Buy it. I’m totally serious here.

When I got my 17″ Powerbook (the day it arrived in the stores following their announcement), I put down the extra $249 for 3 years of protection. Over the past 2 years, I’ve called with a couple minor-ish problems that AppleCare tech folks have been great about helping me work out. I just called them last week because I’ve had a couple bright spots in the display, and most recently the onboard speakers stopped working for some reason. This is the experience I had…

  • On Thursday night the 27th I called AppleCare, explained the problems I wanted fixed under my Protection plan. They logged the ticket and told me I’d receive the packaging in a couple business days in order to ship my Powerbook back to them. They also said it may take up to 2 weeks, based on the multiple issues I requested service for. (I figured this was probably on the high side, but didn’t know what to expect.)
  • On Monday the 31st I got the box. Packaging was very complete and of high quality. There were instructions on how to do it all (if you couldn’t figure it out by yourself), and then I just had to peel their shipping tag off and waa-laa, the return tag was underneath!
  • My Powerbook was picked up Tuesday EVENING the 1st of February.
  • Today – Thursday, February 3rd – a couple hours before NOON, my wife called me at work to tell me that my Powerbook with the BRAND NEW 17″ DISPLAY had arrived back at the house! And not only that, they’d handled the speaker issue and a couple other small things they’d detected in diagnostic checks.

All in a DAY! The longest part of the whole process was waiting for the packaging to arrive, and that was because it was over a weekend. My hat is off to Apple and their Technical Services.

The biggest thing to me is, that for $249, I got an entirely new 17″ display on my Powerbook. See what that runs you out of your own pocket. I guarantee it wouldn’t be pretty. The speed of their service and the quality of their response is remarkable. I’ve not ever experienced this kind of customer support/service with any company.

The Price of AppleCare is completely worth it. Yes, Apple makes quality products, but you never know when some glitch in the assembly line, or age will take effect on your hardware. It’s a small price to pay on your investment. I recommend AppleCare to everyone.

It was only three days!! I cannot believe it. My baby’s back…


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