Use an illegal copy and wipe your device clean

Software piracy is bad.  No one disputes that fact and I know software developers lose sleep over pirated copies of their program flying around the internet over P2P networks.  From time to time a developer gets fed up and puts malicious code in a publicly distributed program so that something bad happens to anyone who uses an illegal copy of the software.  This has recently happened again and interesting discussions are flaring up with supporters of both sides of the argument marking their position in the sand and firing away at the other side.

Anton Tomov distributes a number of capable programs for the Windows Mobile platform including Pocket Hackmaster and Pocket Mechanic.  The program that is causing all the shouting matches in this case is Pocket Mechanic.  It appears that Mr. Tomov recently distributed an update to the Pocket Mechanic program that includes some malicious anti-piracy code.  Of course whether or not it is malicious depends on which side of the firing line you fall on.  The program apparently detects if the executed program is a legally licensed one and if not it erases your entire Windows Mobile device by hard resetting it.  It has reportedly wiped out a removable storage card, too.  I have contacted Mr. Tomov about this situation but have not gotten a response as of the time of this article.

Software developers must understand that consumers tolerate certain levels of inconvenience to help combat piracy but there is a limit.  Alienating your loyal customer base because they find your practice intolerable only makes you the developer the loser.  I wish all software pirates would just disappear but reality tells me they won’t do so and I sympathize with the developer who loses out as a result.  Even so I cannot use nor recommend any products that have the potential for causing damage to user’s computers or gadgets and once the developer takes that tactic I lose a great deal of trust in his practices.  May not be fair but that’s the way it is.  What are your thoughts on this practice?