Spire Endo Laptop Bag


I recently acquired the Spire Endo messenger bag. I decided on the Endo after looking around for quite a while at many different laptop cases. It was Nick who eventually convinced me to choose the Endo. Being a student, I will be looking at the Endo from a students point of view. Lets begin, shall we?

The Endo is big. When I say big, I don’t mean big for a laptop bag, but big for a messenger bag. One of the most important things I had to consider when choosing a bag was the ability to carry all of my textbooks as well as my powerbook. I currently carry 2 two inch binders, 1 three inch binder, 1 two inch text-book, and a paperback. These all easily fit into the Endo’s cavernous interior. The Endo is separated into two compartments: The laptop compartment, and the “other stuff” compartment. The laptop compartment is only padded on the bottom and the outside. It is not padded from impact from things in the “other stuff” compartment. Have no fear though, for the endo comes with a handy uber-padded laptop sleeve that fits perfectly into the laptop compartment. The Endo 15, the model I have, comes with a sleeve specially designed for the 15 inch Powerbook. A larger Endo, the Endo XL is available for the 17 inch Powerbook. The whole bag can be closed at the top by pulling a draw string, and then folding down the flap. This bag is extremely comfortable to wear. I have had no trouble walking long distances with this thing fully packed. All of the materials are of the highest quality, and carry a lifetime guarantee. My only gripe with the Endo is the carry strap that comes with the laptop sleeve. It took me a while to fold the strap so that it would not get in the way while in the bag, but at the same time, not dig into the sleeve. Over all, this is a great bag for students, Its size is really what makes the bag.



I was wondering if the Medium Boot that is included really fits a 15″ laptop. The dimensions say it is: M (Internal Dims 10.5″ x 14.0 ” x 1.5″)

nick santilli

As it’s difficult to explain the size and cargo-carrying capability of the Endo, I was thinking of jumping on the “What’s in your bag” meme and publishing a picture of my Endo Xl with all contents, on Flickr. As soon as I do, I’ll link from here. I encourage the rest of you to do the same!

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