SingTel offers suite of self-created and branded content for 3G


SingTel has announced the content which will be available on its 3G network, to be launched in the next few months…although 3G handsets have already gone on sale with free local video calls and streaming until the end of February. SingTel found from its 3G trials that “video calls, high-speed Internet access and high-speed video streaming were among the most popular 3G services”, but will offer a wide range of content “to ensure that 3G is not confined to just a limited group of customers”. The self-created content appears to refer to some initiatives of SingTel that gets the public to create content for them. This is more than just free/cheap content for them, it will help foster a community and encourage people to be more active in using 3G services. I’m sure that’s the hope, anyway. There’s a detailed list of content available on the site, but I’ve cherry picked some of the more interesting ones:

  • 3G Video Club: This will feature movie clips or video productions by budding producers, and The Digital Media Academy, a local training ground for budding producers backed by the Media Development Authority, will be creating and organising courses for local talents who are interested in producing or showcasing their creations on 3G.
  • Citizen Reporter: SingTel is giving members of the public the opportunity to video-record interesting events or activities and submit with them, with selected videos being available for viewing by SingTel’s 3G customers.
  • Singapore Funniest 3G Videos: Home videos can now get additional “screen time” with 3G. SingTel customers will be able to take a peek at the funny side of Singaporeans on their 3G mobile phones.
  • V-Girl (Award-winning mobile game): Taking reality gaming to a whole new level, V-Girl won a Best Mobile Game award from Ericsson.
  • Traffic Webcam: One of the more practical uses of 3G technology, SingTel will offer ‘live’ streaming of traffic conditions as captured by traffic cameras along the major highways such as PIE (Pan-Island Expressway) and CTE (Central Expressway). I suspect this feature will be one of the most popular.

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