Mac mini tablet on the way?


Armaan Khan wants to see a mini Tablet similar to one I have begged for in the past but with a big difference- coming from Apple.  An Apple mini Tablet (the iNote?) would be a big seller I think and long overdue.  Armaan’s thoughts:

Imagine a device, somewhere around the size of a paperback novel, that runs a full version of Mac OS X, and all Mac software. It would be a pen-based system, featuring either a PDA-like touch screen, or a more complex Tablet PC-like pressure-sensitive display, and driven by an enhanced version of OS X’s fantastic Ink technology. The hard drive would be a modest 20 or 40 gigs, and RAM would top out at 512 megs. The graphics chip and processor would be equivalent to what’s inside a Mac Mini. Airport Express networking would be built in.

Check out his article for the rest of what he’d like to see in what would be a great device.

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