Linksys introduces 802.11g CF

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Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems Inc., announced Friday the availability of Wireless-G CompactFlash Card (WCF54G).

The latest addition to its current Wireless-G line, the CF card offers users the speed and convenience of wireless networking on a PDA. It installs directly into the Pocket PC using a CompactFlash Type II slot, then it’s ready to share data, printers, or high-speed Internet access over existing wireless networks at speeds up to 54Mbps. (Source: CMPNetAsia).

(via Pocket PC Talk)

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Bah, as a major reseller of 802.11b cards I’m disappointed and hope this doesn’t cut into my profits too much. As a consumer I’m glad we have more options. As a techie I feel it’s pointless.. already I see sales of 802.11b WiFis going down. Soon it will be integrated in EVERY device, forget removable cards.


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