iCal and Address Book: Under Appreciated (?)

iCal graphic I have a haunting feeling that I’m not the only one who has neglected the power and ease-of-use that Apple offers in their OS X based iCal and Address Book. I use them very simply (at best) and every time I open one to do some occasional task I think to myself, “I gotta start using this program more!”

So I’m on a mission to make them a regular part of my day while using my Powerbook. I know they’ve got so much under the hood and I could benefit from these offerings greatly. My [analog] sticky-note organization (of both scheduling and contacts) is highly effective…But I’m sure I could do better.

address book As I begin my quest to get more intimate with iCal and Address Book, I’ll be reporting back in segments. I’m eager to discover the killer features – the things you didn’t know they (or you) could do – and ways to integrate them seemlessly into daily work.

If you’ve got life-hacks, plugins, or personal experiences that you’d like to share, please do. I’m always interested in how other people user their systems, and I gain a great deal by learning from them – as I’m sure all of you will as well.


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