Maine’s Broadband Plans

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Sam Elowitch writes a passionate editorial in Sun Journal, lobbying hard for broadband in Maine’s rural areas. Maine Governor in his state of the state address outlined his goal to make high-speed Internet access available in 90% of the state of Maine by 2010.

The governor has correctly sensed that the future of Maine’s educational system rests in large part on its technological infrastructure and its ability to teach technology to the state’s young students. The Maine Laptop Initiative, which gives an Apple iBook to most middle-school students and soon some high-schoolers as well, is an example of a successful program that ought to be continued. … Without broadband, Maine kids are left at a growing disadvantage vis-Ã -vis other students, and we cannot allow that to continue.

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Daniel Spisak

Easy money says the regional bell tries to interfere with their plans if the plan calls for the state to build its own fiber network and data service. The Bells don’t like other people owning useful fiber networks.

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