How Shuffled Is Your Shuffle?


Exactly how shuffled is your shuffle? Does it seem to you that you keep hearing the same songs from the same albums and the same bands over and over, even though you have hundreds of other songs? Well, the good news is that you are not the only one who thinks that their shuffle is less than perfectly shuffled. Steven Levey of NewsWeek decided that his un-shuffled-ness was too much. Levey contacted Steve Jobs, who assured him that his shuffle was, in fact, perfectly shuffled. Not satisfied with Jobs’ answer, Levey contacted mathematicians and cryptologists to determine precisely how shuffled his shuffle was. Turns out that his, and your, shuffle are about as shuffled as possible. The problem lies not in the player, but with us. It is our nature to try and find patterns in our surroundings. Thus, we find patterns in our music. Click through for the whole article.


Chris C

To avoid hearing stuff too often I setup smart playlist where the selection is by playcount. So started with a playcount of less than 1, then 2…that way I can make it pretty much all the way through my library without hearing the same song 20 times, while not hearing others at all…


I have noticed this same occurrence with my mp3 CD Walkman as well as iTunes, Audion, MacAmp, WinAmp, and nearly every other digital audio player I have ever used with a shuffle feature. Even with 5000+ songs in my iTunes library it seems to randomly choose the same song and artist way too often.

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