Hitachi FLORA-ie MX1 Pocket PC announced for Japan


It may never grace the shores outside of Japan but we can always hope.  The newly announced Hitachi FLORA-ie MX1 Pocket PC (I mean Windows Mobile device) borrows a page from the Sharp Zaurus design by incorporating a slide-out keyboard making it a very nice PPC.  The 4 inch LCD running in full VGA makes the MX1 a real mobile workhorse.  All the details are in Japanese at this point and we’ll follow this as more information is unveiled.  Nice looking device.


(via Pocket PC Thoughts)



It is going to be released on the 10th of February and would be available only to corporate customers. The thumb keyboard and integrated WiFi/Bluetooth is really nice, but its really huge (weighs about 260g)..


Oohh.. lucky Japanese!! That looks like a device that would make me start carrying a PPC again – thumb keyboards are great. :D


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