Coping: A Week Without My Mac


I’m trembling. Cold sweats. I keep wringing my hands. I’m eating and eating and eating (really just cuz this is what I do). I keep pacing and I don’t know what to do! My last hit was only last night, but it already seems like forever.
My Name’s Nick, and I’m a Mac Junkie.

What do I do for a week without my Powerbook? I’m already in withdrawl and I only packaged it up last night (the killer is it’s still in my ‘posession’, waiting to be picked up from my house). The little things that make Apple computers and OS X better than Windows systems are so much clearer when you’ve got no choice but to do without.

I’ve been dry going on 12 hours now, and my level of clarity is both hightened and muddled at the same time… Hightened because I see so clearly the little (and not so little) things that set OS X apart from Windows – it’s just simpler/better/cleaner/more powerful. Muddled because I’m forced to plow through the sludge that is the Windows OS. I just feel less productive having to do all my work in Windows – it’s not user friendly. Don’t be fooled either – I know my way around Windows. I was a Windows-based sys admin for a couple years, user for 12 years, and have consistently used Windows at my jobs all along the way. I know the ins, outs, and tweaks in Windows. It just doesn’t cut the mustard when it’s up against OS X.

So here I type, without AutoPairs, Quicksilver (with plugin), Desktop Manager, Expose, BluePhoneElite (my cell phone could be ringing right now and I wouldn’t know over my headphones that are plugged into my iPod – thank Heavens for my iPod!), SubEthaEdit, CyberDuck, iChat, iPhoto….sigh, the list goes on and on and on.

Sure, I’ll try to commandeer my wife’s 12″ powerbook when I get home, but she’ll put up a fight – why should she have to go through what I’m dealing with? But I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder (and the bright spots in my screen disappear with the replaced=ment of a new screen). What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? After this week I’m gonna be super-hero strong, I tell you what.

Thanks Apple, for making such a superior product. I can’t ever remember caring one bit when I was without a PC (for whatever reason) – another computer would just do. Nothing lost or gained. But in the void that my Apple Powerbook with OS X has left, only an Apple will suffice. Windows just can’t cut it.

Friends, I implore you, don’t let your Apples go. In this irrational state, I may be forced (to do something completely rational actually) to buy a Mac mini. What else is there for me? Before I begin rambling aimlessly I’ll close. Wish me luck people, I’m gonna need it

Got any tales of coping with Apple-separation? Please share – distraction techniques especially welcome!


windows 7 slow

I go throigh Mac withdrawls every time I come to work and have to program on a PC.

Powerbook comes this week, I can take my sauce on the road.


Nick, you should have your work use subversion for souce protection. It has an OSX utility. We are in the process of making a full switch from SourceSafe to Subversion. Tres manifique

nick santilli

Marc – I feel ya. If it weren’t for the fact that I can do most of my coding in a telnet window (vi on unix) I’d be unhappy. But my office is pretty cool and lets me hook my PB up to the network, and I tend to share time between the two – with some of the sweet tools I’ve got on my mac, I’m almost more productive doing it on my personal mac, rather than the pc…if it weren’t for the source control stuff being windows only, I’d probably rely completely on my PB.


I go throigh Mac withdrawls every time I come to work and have to program on a PC.

Powerbook comes this week, I can take my sauce on the road.

Kevin Ballard

I’m pretty sure it’s a joke. Go look at the index page for the site – you’ll see an article titled RIAA snares popular female musician, deceased man, and three-legged kitten in piracy dragnet.

nick santilli

Alex –
Thanks, it was good to laugh!

Poor Jorge sure missed a few points. (oops, he confused the iPod Shuffle marketing with the Mac mini…) I use a PC at work everyday and I don’t know the last time I saw (or cared about) a Floppy disk.

I could go on and on here – but I won’t. It looks like the entire site is a farce. If it’s for real – wow.


Hi Nick
Just was wandering around. You suffer without a Mac? Take a read on someone who suffers *with* one (and I hope you will have fun):

nick santilli

Ha! Thanks. I’ve been doing the first. Halo 2.

The latter would be fun (and make a great article), but I neither have the necessary items, nor the time with 2 little ones running around. In fact, I only get to do number one while rocking the 9 month old to sleep each night. :)

For any interested – I’m quiksan on XBL. Bring it.


Grab an Xbox and fire up Fable or Halo 2 or one of my current favorites the Sonic Mega Collection Plus (okay you can do this last one on PS2 or GameCube or even a Genesis if you have all the original carts).

Option number two: grab an old Mac (the older the better) and a bunch of system disks and see what is the newest version of Mac OS is that you can get running on the old machine. Depending on how that goes you might have an article worthy of a slashdotting. I can see the article now “How-to install Mac OS X 10.4 DP2 on a Mac Color Classic.”


If you still dont have it back by the 10th, you can take my iBook. By that time I’ll have one of the new Powerbooks. w00t!

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