Companies DO listen to blogs

Blogs are great vehicles for reviewing and discussing products so that readers can adopt or avoid those products, hopefully based on multiple opinions.  This removes a lot of the risk for making purchases and as a result the consumer is better informed, as long as he/she realizes that each blog just reflects one opinion.  There have been lots of articles floating around pointing out how companies are beginning to realize the power of blogs to reach customers.  Companies have been springing up to help other companies start blogs and many companies now sanction or encourage high level employees to start blogging.

Companies are starting to listen to customer’s blogs too which is a very good thing.  In the past three weeks two different major companies have emailed me about posts on this blog that detailed problems I had with their products.  One a very major software maker and one a very major hardware maker.  Both of the blog posts under discussion were written over five months ago and have just now been discovered by the two companies.  This tells me they are not only paying attention to blogs but going back over older material on them to see if they are mentioned.  Sure they can use advanced searches to do this but the important point here is they are doing it.  This can only have a positive affect on their customers and future products.  And that is a very good thing.  I will elaborate on these two particular companies when a resolution is achieved.  For better or for worse.


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