Bellster take two


Jeff has a short and sweet response to my original Bellster piece. (JP… you gotta explain what you mean by that!) Now Aswath is suggesting that I don’t get it. Makes me wonder what am I missing here? Because gee-whiz technology not withstanding, the economics of the service is what I cannot decode. Its sort of like what George Gilder used to say about optics, but couldn’t make it work in the real world from a profit-and-loss standpoint.


Om Malik

Victor, not saying Gilder was wrong from a technology stand point, but from an economic standpoint, he helped create a bubble and look where we are at now. putting all the fiber on long haul networks wasn’t smart. Funny stuff right – it all boils down the disaster called the Telecom act of 1996/

Om Malik

Aswath, i guess i read you wrong then. I tried to sum-up a lot of issues in one line – bad move especially when storage is nearly free. I think jeff is not addressing the financial issue of his service. That’s all. I guess you and I need to communicate more and hopefully no more mixed signals :-)

The Jeff Pulver Blog

If Gilder was wrong — and there was too much fiber — why is Verizon putting fiber in the ground right now for Fios ? Possibly because it wasn’t in the right places ?

Aswath Rao


Let me first state that (without any qualifications) I didn’t/don’t think that you didn’t get Bellster. After typing the past sentence, I reread my post. I am puzzled how you came to your conclusion. There is something in my composition that is doing the mischief. So let me try to say here what I was trying to say in that post:

Lots of thought leaders in this field have identified potential issues with bellster. (Even I had identified one of the issues.) But Pulver responds with a single intriguing sentence. So I come up with potential point by point responses from Pulver. Finally I said Andy’s entry doesn’t help us as well. So we continue to be in the dark as to the real idea behind Bellster.

Om, where do I say that you don’t get it. If anything two of your points – commercial aspect and T&C – are open. But where is economiocal viability in FWD or for that matter in any VoIP services. We have been harping on it for a long time. I hope this clarifies my position to other readers in general and you in particular.

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