New jkOnTheRun discussion forum now live!

Need a good place to hang out and discuss cool stuff like mobile technology, gadgets, software and other neat things?  The new and easy to use jkOTR discussion forum is now open and ready for your insightful posts and discussion!  OK, you can just lurk if you want, that’s cool too.  Registration is required to keep the spam down and make it a useful source of information for everyone interested in mobile technology.  It is a full-featured forum with email topic replies (that include the text of the post), smilies and other stuff you want to have in a forum to make it user friendly.  There are already a number of categories and forums but all are very empty so sign up, jump in and post away.  Share your tips, tricks and POVs on anything you wish.  It is your forum so enjoy! 

Sony U owners- there is a dedicated forum for owners of these little jewels so sign up today!  It’s free!  I’ll be adding some stuff over the next few days but don’t be shy- add your own posts.  You can even discuss articles that appear on jkOTR!  What a great deal!

Special thanks to member LiquidBlaze for not only setting up the backend on the forums but for hosting it too!  Props to LB!   :)

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