Install OS X on your PC


Imagine the amazement on the faces of all your friends when you boot OS X on your PC. I’m not sure how useful or complete this would be but it sure would be cool to boot OS X on the Sony U.   You need an OS X CD for this to work but detailed instructions for the install using the free PearPC can be found here.



what about an intel celeron d processor 64 bit 3.20 ghz with 1 gig ram?


I think it will get EXTREMELY slow if you have just 512K of RAM, lol



I would like to know how well it performs on an athlon64 based machine with 512k of ram? If it can come close to a g4 at 700 to 800mhz its really worth it.


It’s slow. I have a G4/450, and it’s slower than that. But, it works. The install took several hours, I cant get networking working, and typing seems to go in slow motion.

But, it’s fun to play around with. :)


I would dual boot it or not do it. I don’t think there are touch screen drivers for it but it would still be useful without it since the U has such good controls. Besides, it’s to see if it can be done. :)

Mike Cane

If you do install it on the U, I want pictures pictures pictures! In fact, I want your address … heh-heh.


Can you dual boot? Is it worth giving up Windows on the U James?

Also: how would you aquire the drivers (like for the touchscreen, all the buttons and such) to work under the Mac OS?

Just curious… :D



Steve, how slow is It? I am seriously considering installing this on the Sony U to have a Mac handheld.

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