Shuffle Review, Part Deux


After a long day of playing with my new toy, I have a few gripes. Small as they may seem, they are substantial enough to consider possible iModification. The first shortcoming I noticed was that when working in indirect sunlight, on overcast days, the feedback LED’s are almost impossible to see. This isn’t much of a problem, except for new users. I expect that I soon won’t have to look at the Shuffle at all while using it. My second gripe caused me more trouble. The switch on the back, to change between play modes, is a real b**ch to use. It has almost no texture, and if one has wet or oily finger tips, impossible to use. Even with perfectly dry hands, I felt as if I had to push too hard to get it to move. Adding to this problem is the feeling of flimsiness I get from using the switch. It feels like paper. Not nearly strong enough to withstand long term use. I could be wrong, but that’s how I felt about it. Other than that, this is a great little gizmo. I might try putting some fine grain grip paper over the switch to see if it makes the slipping better. I’ll post with results.

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