New Sony U dedicated site


A new site has sprung up for Sony U enthusiasts and owners.  Uaddict is brand spanking new and doesn’t have much content up yet but the site is nicely designed and I’m sure we’ll see some good stuff soon.  They plan to have a user’s forum for discussing the U.  Welcome to the web, Uaddict!



Rob Hoddeson

How can one get the tablet os to use on a U750?
Is the screen large enough to read get 1/2 or more of a ‘normal’ page?

joe z

Yeah, maybe it’s a bit insulting “U addict” (Better though than: “U dirty addict” I guess- : ) ).

Unfortunatly, it descibes me perfectly.


Haha, did that last sentance strike anyone else as funny? “Welcome to the web [you] addict!” :D


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