First pics- Sony U, Zaurus C3000, Moleskine, PDair case for U


I promised some pics to compare the size of the Moleskine and the Sony U750 so here are just a few.  I took some to show the size comparison between the Sony, Moleskine, Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 and Toshiba e800.  There are also a few pics of the PDAir leather case for the Sony.  The first one is below and the rest after the jump:


L-R: Moleskine, Toshiba e800, Sony U750P, Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000

Sony_sharp_005 Sony_sharp_007 Sony_sharp_010 Sony_sharp_012 Sony_sharp_014 Sony_sharp_013



So, the Clié lives on, eh? ;-)

Reminds me a bit of my TH-55, only wider and with a different os.

René C. Kiesler


I LOVE the cover you have for the Sony U. Did that come with it, or is that secondary market?


Thanks for the pics and I think you’re gadget bag is starting to fill up again. ;)


What’s interesting is that Sharp went with the flat horizontal keyboard like the OQO, while many smartphone manufacturers and RIMM have been building more ergonomic “smile” keyboard designs for thumboarding.

Let us know how the useability is with this design.

LZMutant over at mentioned that this keyboard design hurts the OQO:

Winner – OQO. But this is a shallow victory. The keyboard works, but the straight horizontal design and lack of a backlight feel like yesterdays technology today.


Wow I hadn’t realised the Sony was that small I want one even more now shame the price is so high.


Thanks for the pics James, much appreciated. :D

Didn’t realize the moleskine was so big (larger than an e805 at least, I was picturing a little guy maybe like a 4100). What “model” moleskine do you have, is it the smallest one?

The Zaurus looks kinda cool if you’re into the whole “Linux” thing. ;)


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